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Innova Pure Water, Inc.
8528 Davis Blvd. Suite 134-210
North Richland Hills, TX 76180
888-650-0404 (Toll Free)


Dave Zich - President & CEO
Jim Davisson - Treasurer & Secretary

Innova Pure Water Portable Water Treatment

  • Great Taste - reducing other contaminants, tastes and odors.
  • Convenient - travels with you “anywhere, anytime, all the time”.
  • Economical - reduce the cost of "bottled water” to pennies a gallon.
  • Personal Safety - removing more than 90% of lead & chlorine in tap water.
  • Purifies - Innova Biological Products remove 99.9999% bacteria and protozoa to EPA and WHO standards.
  • Long Lasting - obtain 100 bottles of treated water from "one" Innova filter bottle.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Reduces the burden of plastic bottle disposal by at least 100 fold.
  • Freed - from the need to find & purchase bottled water.
  • Cleaner - Innova Water Filter products are better for all your water needs. acne therapy

Biological Filtration Products from Innova Pure Water

Product information, performance /test data about Innova Pure Water
The most effective portable water filtration products available for water filtration in the home, traveling, recreation, and camping
Specialized water filter bottle products for military, emergency, disaster preparedness and wilderness use.

Innova Facts about products Portable Water Treatment  
Innova products work as specified for the entire rated life of the product & meet or exceeds NSF certification requirements, as tested by Nationally approved independent laboratories. The Innova Biological products have similarly been tested to meet or exceed the EPA & WHO requirements for the removal of Protozoa and Bacteria. We know of No other Portable Water Filters that factually perform to these standards

Innova Pure Water, Inc.
8528 Davis Blvd. Suite 134-210
North Richland Hills, TX 76180
888-650-0404 (Toll Free)

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